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Quality Matters

American Chrome Company is proud to provide OEM grade heavy truck accessories for over 25 years. Founded in 1983, American Chrome® is a recognized leader in supplying the heavy truck and RV industries. Quality is not just a word we use, it is the defining difference in how American Chrome® manufactures our products and why our customers have made us one of the most successful chrome, stainless steel, and PC / ABS plastic suppliers in North America. Our wheel products and other fine exterior accessories come in three basic types.

ABS chrome is our most popular product line due to long life and performance. ABS chrome products are manufactured from high temperature, high impact automotive resins, and are ideal for applications involving extreme environments, where road damage and rust is a frequent problem.

When nothing less than a brilliant, high gloss shine will do, American Chrome’s SuperPremium chrome products are the choice for you. SuperPremium chrome products feature a long-lasting, high-gloss shine, a durable mirror finish, and excellent rust and corrosion resistance. Using a proprietary process, SuperPremium chrome products have multiple layers of chrome and nickle plating. All chrome is NOT created equal. The customers who purchase our products know the difference.

Stainless steel is available in many different quality grades, and while they are refereed to collectively as “stainless steel”, only the highest grades of stainless steel exhibit true rust-proof behavior. Additionally, only the highest quality steels have a brilliant ‘mirror finish’, which is an indication of the quality of the surface polish and ability to reflect light. American Chrome® recommends only the highest grade stainless steel products.

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